AGENCY UPDATES – November 2, 2016

ACLU of Idaho

Contact: Anthony Lee

ACLU of Idaho defends the constitution nationally, sponsoring Sara Rankin, from Seattle University in Boise November 10th.


BASC (Boise Alternative Shelter Cooperative)

BASC: try to find a way to house some of the homeless: battle with the city over land. Trying to partner with Habitat for Humanity.


Boise/Ad County Housing Authority  

Contact: William Hurlburt (208) 345-4907  

Supportive Housing specialists


Boise School District

Contact: Dawn Tolan  (208) 854-4165



Contact: Wyatt Schroeder 208-246-8830


Cathedral of the Rockies,

The Cathedral takes seriously its downtown location for homeless. Friendship Feast that goes on weekly, all kinds of programs for homeless: sack lunches—any day of the week. Baby needs closets, Mirror image for youth teens who need glooming supplies, ask at the front desk for more information.

City of Boise–Continuum of Care

Helps coordinate community effort. Working groups: Data (in order to get funding, need to get good data. If federally funded: required to use data system HMI. Encouraging every one in a community to get in that system. H&W currently lead agency, but want to find new lead agency.) Fair Housing Trauma Training for housing providers on cultural sensitivities. Coordinated Entry Coordinated Care meets the last Thursday of month, 1:30PM United Way. Working Groups have different meetings times.


Community House

Contact: Francis Wray (208) 631-5563

Community House is now a foundation. We are gearing up to accept grant applications for agencies serving primarily families, women, and children. Please email us to get more information.


Corpus Christi House

Contact:  Rick Bolland (Day Shelter) (208) 426-0039

Corpus Christi House: trying to make life better for homeless, Day Center, restroom, coffee, toiletries to provide a positive atmosphere in a negative world. Mail, most of day spent organizing mail, keep for two months, then return to sender. Laundry.



Contact: Robert Mowry (208) 345-2820 Ext. 2

El Ada: services for low-income individuals and families. Several housing program. Shelter Care and Choice. Case management for threshold crossing. Several Veterans programs. Homeless Prevention program where can stop Veteran from falling into homelessness. HELP—Housing Education and Leasing Partnership Program—waiting to hear if will be refunded this next year. Successful in being able to provide housing education. LIEAP Energy Assistance started November 1st. 322-1242. People needing energy assistance. Call now, maybe through January 1st.

Gary Hanes and Associates


The Good Samaritan Home

Contact: (208)343-6051

Good Samaritan Home provides Housing First. Founded 1942 and is celebrating 75 years. The old fashioned Boarding House has been a viable option for many who were once chronically homeless:  Click here for link to KIVI TV news story.

Idaho Youth Ranch—Hays House:

Contact:  Karen Daggs

IYR is building a ranch in Canyon County. Hayes House is a local facility Youth for youth 9 – 17 small boys, small girls home—teach life skills. Service learning.


Intermountain Fair Housing Council

Contact: Zoe Olson (208) 383-0695 Ext 306

Intermountain Fair Housing Council. Fight the good fight to prevent discrimination in housing. Doing a Fundraising for IFHC: Kegs for a Kause. Food truck. November 28th. Doing a workshop on service Animals (not pets)


Jesse Tree of Idaho

Contact: Crista Beck (208) 336-3335 X 13

Jesse Tree provides emergency rent assistance.  The number to call for assistance is 383-9486.



Contact: James Turner (208) 336-3335 ext. 13


The Salvation Army

Contact: Jenifer Grout (208) 343-5420

Salvation Army has miscellaneous vouchers. 4308 West State. Utility Assistance—Call Salvation Army for number.


Society of St. Vincent de Paul

Contact: Misti Hawkins (208) 331-8409

St. Vincent de Paul Society: primary portal through 211 Helpline. Vouchers for clothes, furniture, help with rent, bills. Operate main pantry: on Overland; serve over 12,000 per month. Bench Supper. Also Food Pantry. Employment service for those returning (from Idaho State Pen). Prescription Service Drug companies have to provide Scripts free if cannot afford,   Also, coordinate food boxes for Thanksgiving.


Supportive Housing Innovative Partnership (SHIP)

Ken Whittick is the current director of SHIP


Terry Reilly Health Services

Contact: Samantha Joseph (208) 318-1340


Transform Idaho


Veteran’s Affairs – Boise

Contact: Tom Madden 208-422-1000 ext. 7757


Women and Children’s Alliance

Contact: Amy Howard (208) 343-3688 ext. 38