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JAN. 1, 2017 – DEC. 31, 2017

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Donate to the Boise/Ada County Homeless Coalition

The Homeless Coalition in Boise City/Ada County is a diverse membership group of homeless service provider agencies, homeless persons, volunteers, advocates, and concerned individuals committed to ending homelessness through public education, policy advocacy, and coordinated services. Members of the Coalition act as a voice so that no homeless or at risk individual or family shall be without proper services or needed assistance; and provides a forum for exchanging information between member agencies and individual between member agencies and individuals.

Funds raised by the Coalition are used to gather information used in educating the public and public officials on issues that increase housing for homeless persons in our community and to produce materials to aid the public education; to provide meeting space for monthly meetings to enable service providers and homeless persons to come together to exchange needs and services;  and to support policy advocacy.

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