Educate—Learn About Immediate, Emergency, And Tiny House Solutions

Educate yourself with Links to Solutions in Other Cities That Could Work for Boise’s Homelessness


Eugene, OR:



Portland, OR:

In a Tiny House Village, Portland’s Homeless Find Dignity



Charlie Hales’ plan for allowing homeless camping in Portland


Lakewood, NJ:

Revival Village


Seattle Central District:

Tiny house village taking shape in Seattle’s Central District


Seattle Capitol Hill:

Tiny house village opens for homeless in Seattle



Fresno Passes Groundbreaking ‘Tiny House’ Rules


Vancouver, WA:

Council for Homeless, pastor plan village of 40 tiny houses


“The Washington D.C. Right to Overnight Shelter Act of 1984″ allowed the District to contract with motels during the winter months to house the homeless.” – District places homeless families in motels under Initiative 17


Seattle – Ballard – The land for Nickelsville was supported by the city of Seattle via a permit for the encampment:

Nickelsville to open homeless encampment in Ballard


Honolulu Housing First efforts.

Also mentioned are success stories in Portland OR, Los Angeles CA, Denver CO, Quincy MA, New York City NY, and Portland ME: