Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes are a brief record of discussions and decisions that were made at our monthly membership meetings. For more detailed updates from our member organizations, visit the Member Organization Updates page.

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Submit an Update

Member organizations each have their own page on the Coalition’s website to share their current news, program updates, fundraisers and volunteer opportunities. Member organizations can use the form below to submit their updates to the Coalition.

    Ad Hoc Committees

    As the need arises, the Executive Committee appoints special or ad hoc committees to serve until the purpose(s) of the committee has been fulfilled.

    Examples of current and past committees include:

    • Education & Advocacy
    • Membership
    • Marketing/Branding
    • Housing Development/Love Your Neighbor
    • Event Planning & Coordination

    Executive Committee

    Elections are held each December for President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Eligibility criteria includes minimum length of membership and demonstrated commitment to the Coalition’s mission and goals.

    For information about or committee openings or current project needs email